International Wind Art in Northern Hesse Art interacts with wind and weather in Northern Hesse: "Moving wind" stages wind art in this versatile landscape. Whether a gentle breeze or a thundering storm, resting treetops or clouds chasing along - wind art is fleeting, can be experienced again and again and remains unfinished in a fascinating way. The wind art festival "bewegter wind" shows North Hesse's beauty from a new perspective: At changing locations - in front of forests, high altitudes, lakes or quarries - objects are created that make the wind visible and merge it with art. Wind art objects, installations, wind videos and performances amaze visitors of all ages, guests and locals, art lovers and nature lovers. No visiting day is the same, because in the "Outdoor Museum" is always blowing a new wind. The international wind art festival takes place as a competition every two years at changing locations in the region. "bewegter wind" is a landscape exhibition with supporting programme, art competition, artists' meeting, cultural exchange, exhibition tour and childrens programme. Since 2004, 9 international art competitions have been announced and carried out. To date, 629 works of art by 514 artists from 35 countries have been exhibited at 31 locations.

Complex. International. Surprising.

Jury has selected artists for the wind art festival "bewegter wind” 2018

Zierenberg / Habichtswald. 183 artists from 27 nations have submitted their applications for the wind art festival "bewegter wind 2018" - now the jury has selected the 88 most outstanding works. These are wind art objects and sculptures, installations, performances and videos that playfully or critically deal with the fascination of "Clouds", this year's theme. The works will be exhibited from August 19th to September 2nd, 2018 in special locations in the municipality of Habichtswald and of Zierenberg in Northern Hesse, Germany.

Curator Reta Reinl is enthusiastic about the complexity of the submitted works: "Clouds are fascinating sculptures in the sky - boundless, constantly changing, constantly creating new forms and layers of colour. This theme has inspired artists around the globe!" And she adds: "The spectrum of exhibits ranges from purely sensual interpretations to works with environmental and socially critical echoes - an exciting and varied exhibition awaits us!

Arise and pass by - works of cloud art also for participation

A cloud is taking a break. Interrupts the eternal dance in the sky and rests. In his poetic installation "The Stop", French artist Marc Limousin was inspired by the tireless journey in the cloudy sky: A cloud allows itself a stopover and lands on a water surface - tenderly floating, surreal like a dream cloud.  

Sigrid Neuwinger takes a completely different perspective: At first glance, her shining, fluttering and rushing object "Westwind" looks like a weather-stricken cloud dipped into the red evening light - but on closer inspection turns out to be a small car equipped with plastic bags blowing in the wind. The critical aspect of climate change and environmental pollution is combined with the sublime beauty of a cloud whose ever-changing nature makes it unassailable and inaccessible.

The artist Ralf Witthaus and his team work their way through the landscape unstoppably like a cloud, making the dimensions of the feather-light giants in the sky comprehensible in his lawnmower drawing "The cloud".

What does a cloud sound like? In his sound performance "Songs between Heaven and Earth" the actor Dirk Lüdemann invites visitors to create cloud songs with instruments and singing. These are just a few of the many works of cloud art that inspire amazement, reflection and participation.

"As a passionate cloud spotter, I am enthusiastic about the works that deal with the ever-changing beauty of clouds," says curator Reta Reinl.” At the same time, many works draw attention to current topics: For example on communication in the social cloud, on people crossing borders to look for new perspectives in life or on the topic of climate change". This mixture of visually stunning criticism and quiet beauty is what makes this open-air wind art exhibition, so attractive.

Three jurors - triple art expertise

In addition to the artist and curator Reta Reinl from Lichtenfels, who has played a major role in organizing the international wind art festival for 14 years, the selection jury also includes two experienced art experts. As art historian and managing director of the Marburger Kunstverein, Dr. Carola Schneider is very familiar with the evaluation of artistic works. Another member of the jury is Doris Conrads, who has a high reputation as an artist and teaches at the Institute of Fine Arts at the Phillips-University in Marburg.

"The next step is the exhibition concept, in which each of the 88 works of art is given a suitable exhibition space," explains Reta Reinl: "This is an interesting process because the objects can further develop their meaning aspects depending on their surroundings and positioning. The curator would like to thank the partners and supporters of this year's Wind Art Festival. The cooperation with the municipalities and partners such as the Kassel district, the Habichtswald nature park, the town of Zierenberg and the municipality of Habichtswald is very good. With the selection of artists and exhibits, the anticipation of unforgettable cloud art experiences begins!  

Text: Liane Linke