International Wind Art in Northern Hesse Art interacts with wind and weather in Northern Hesse: "Moving wind" stages wind art in this versatile landscape. Whether a gentle breeze or a thundering storm, resting treetops or clouds chasing along - wind art is fleeting, can be experienced again and again and remains unfinished in a fascinating way. The wind art festival "bewegter wind" shows North Hesse's beauty from a new perspective: At changing locations - in front of forests, high altitudes, lakes or quarries - objects are created that make the wind visible and merge it with art. Wind art objects, installations, wind videos and performances amaze visitors of all ages, guests and locals, art lovers and nature lovers. No visiting day is the same, because in the "Outdoor Museum" is always blowing a new wind. The international wind art festival takes place as a competition every two years at changing locations in the region. "bewegter wind" is a landscape exhibition with supporting programme, art competition, artists' meeting, cultural exchange, exhibition tour and childrens programme. Since 2004, 9 international art competitions have been announced and carried out. To date, 629 works of art by 514 artists from 35 countries have been exhibited at 31 locations.

"From Wind to Wind" - Calendar for 24 Months

The title of the now printed calendar "From Wind to Wind" is programmatic. Impressive photos of the 9th wind art festival "bewegter wind" on the theme "clouds" will shorten the waiting time until the 10th wind art festival in 2020. The photos of visitors and artists have captured the special atmosphere of the wind art festival. They also show how appropriately the clouds have always staged art in the landscape in a very special way. All kinds of weather - except rain - were represented.You can buy the “From wind to wind”-calendar at the Habichtswald Nature Park Centre in Zierenberg and at the Cafe Bahnhof in Calden-Fürstenwald with Kordula Klose. You can also order it directly from "bewegter wind" e.V. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your postal address and get it for 12 € each plus postage refund.

In the summer of 2018, almost 70 artists from 21 countries were in the Habichtswald Nature Park to show their work on the theme "Clouds".

Around the Dörnberg and the Katzenstein they installed their art in the diverse landscape. Interpretations from meteorology via metaphor, social cloud and knowledge storage were to be discovered. Wind art attracted many visitors from all over Germany to the exhibition of the association "bewegter wind" e.V.. Art and nature lovers were enthusiastic about the art and landscape experiences that the Wind Art Festival offered its visitors for the 9th time.

The calendar is in the format 42 cm x 29.7 cm, has 14 pages and costs 12 €. Impressive photos of objects, installations, videos and performances in special landscape situations are reminiscent of a summer full of art and arouse the anticipation of the next Wind Art Festival in 2020. Interesting detail is the calendar, which shows two years simultaneously and the upcoming festival time.